Professional Experience

Mark, who also hails from Southern California, brings years of carpentry and Construction Management experience to Durango where he has run a successful and high-end framing and finish carpentry business.  Don and Mark have worked together for years in the Durango construction arena.  Mark's depth of experience in carpentry, which consistently increased efficiency and accuracy during the scheduling, design and pricing stage of each project, as well as his mastery of details, made him the obvious choice to join Elevation.  Mark and his 10-man framing-and-finish crews are now an integral part of the team.  


Don Ferrarese - Owner/Manager

Designing and building your custom project or dream home can seem daunting, especially if it's your first time. With our expertise and guidance, rooted in over 40 years of experience in home building, commercial building, land development and engineering, we will ensure ease and peace of mind. We base our business model on sincere relationships with our clients in order to establish trust and confidence. No matter your personal level of involvement in the process, our system and design services make decision-making easy for you.  


Professional Experience

Don Ferrarese started gaining construction and building experience as an apprentice carpenter in southern California, and as a vigorous learner, he has grown with the building industry his entire career.  He has built and managed a wide range of projects from smaller affordable housing to high-end custom homes to large-scale commercial buildings/developments and everything in between.  His experience and knowledge of the construction industry in Project Management over the years has provided Don with great management skills, and he is well respected among the local Durango subcontractors and suppliers.  Don's ability to attract the best talent through years of producing successful projects have helped to shape the best building team in the area.


Making Building Easy on YOU!

Mark Anderson - Project Manager

Jeff Perino, P.E. - Owner/Manager

Professional Experience

Jeff Perino is a Colorado Registered Professional Engineer who who has accumulated over 18 years of experience in Design, Project/Construction Management, Building, and Land Development for a wide range of projects.  These skills have proven to be very beneficial in site layout and managing site-specific constraints well before and during the construction process to control delays and costs.  His experience working with  a wide range of clients and reviewing agencies such as the Army Corps of Engineers, City and County Engineering and Building staff, CDOT, FEMA, CDPHE, and BLM have provided Jeff with great leadership skills and local connections to understand and know how to efficiently approach and resolve a variety of challenges.  Jeff's main role is to work hand-in-hand with the clients from project conception and design to material/detail selection and through the entire build.