Commercial construction is another component of our building services that is reflective of years of experience. Whether it entails substantial tenant improvements, remodel work, or custom building design and construction, Elevation Custom Builders can help you create your special commercial project come to life.

With the ever-growing desirability for Durango and the surrounding area, more people are making the decision that this is the place for their dream home, whether it is their first home, a second home for part-time enjoyment, or their last home.  We are here to help plan, design and build what that dream in the rockies should be.  We help take you through the entire process from land selection to site analysis, architect selection, design process and construction, whether you are local or out of the area.



  • Custom Home Building
  • Commercial Construction
  • Land Development and Project Management

Services We Offer to You

Do you have the desire and/or land to invest in a development project in this ever-growing real estate market?  Elevation Custom Builders has years of experience working with local municipalities, Engineers, Planners, and reviewing agencies to help get your project approved and constructed.  We provide management services to bid and oversee infrastructure installation, and of course any home and commercial building needs.