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What Clients Say About Us

"I have had the pleasesure of working with Don Ferrarese over the last four years. As President and CEO of a number of residential construction companies, I've overseen employees who generated thousands of residential homes. It is rare that one meets an individual like Don, who is knowledgeable, honest, committed to quality and willing to work hard every day to get the job done on time and on budget. Building homes in Colorado on challenging home sites, Don maintained a 'can do' attitude and delivered beautiful, one of a kind homes for our customers."

Robert Godwin - Orlando, Florida

"Donald Ferrarese, Master Builder"

You can tell by the title of this testimonial that my wife and I are absolutely deilighted with our home here at the Durango Mountain Resort that was built by Don Ferrarese in 2008. Don is master builder who takes great pride in his work and he produces a superbly built home. His attention to detail with all aspects of our home was exceptional and he insured that we recieved the very best quality of all materials and construction. That said, what makes Don remarkable is the way he worked with my wife and I. Because we live in West Palm Beach, Florida we depended on Don to ensure that the house was built properly and on schedule. He worked the various changes to plans, installation of options and upgrades, and design, colors and tile remotely with my wife. We were only able to visit very infrequently so we put out absolute trust and confidence in Don in acting for us during construction. Don delivered. He is exceptionally skilled, absolutely dedicated and he has the highest integrity. Simply Don is the Master Builder you can absolutely trust. Don continues to this day to call and ensure we have no problems or issues with the home. He has helped us with modifications and continues to watch over our home. He has made our dream come true If you talked with Don, you will begin to build the trusting relationship but, to ensure you get to see the quality of his work we invite you to have Don bring you to Durango Mountain Resort and go through our home. With a walk through you will see just what Don can do for you.

Pam and Dave Foley - Durango Mountain Resort and West Palm Beach‚Äč


"Building a home in another state was challenging. Don Ferrarese made that task much easier. Don was responsive to questions and requests; he was professional and followed through. Don built us a great home in a beautiful spot!"

Julie and Randy Stevens - Midland, Texas and Durango, Colorado

Jeff and Don completed building a new bridge and garage on our property this past fall 2015. I can honestly say, I would rather endure ten root canals than go through construction on our home, but Elevation made it a flawless experience. Our house is a difficult location to work on. It has a arroyo running through the property and has had some fierce floods coming through in the spring and fall that can easily carry a full size car away. A flood happened during the construction and you would have thought Don and Jeff handled this kind of event everyday. They were amazing.  Then there are their subcontractors. These are some of the nicest, most professional people I have ever met. They were so nice to talk to, but remained on task the entire time and were respectful of our privacy as the homeowners. I'm a stay at home mom and that meant the world to me. John and I really can't say enough about the company. Please ask for my number if you have any questions about Elevation or better yet, come see our house. It has been transformed into a little slice of Durango paradise:) 

Eliza Webster - Durango, CO